Fishing with artificial lures

2019-10-30 14:58 Emily

Lure fishing is one kind of sport that requires dedicated rod, reels, lines, lures, and some easy-use tools to find fish in the course of sports, and to seduce the fish and stir up their desire to bite.

Many kinds of fish eat small fish ,shrimp and insects. So we are operating a fake fish, shrimp, and worms to lure these fish to attack.

How to seduce these target fish, there are two ways:

1)     Find the position of the fish require the fisherman understand the fish's habits. Somewhere where the fish "needs" is where you should throw. How to distinguish different fish species can be carried out from the conditions of oxygen content, water temperature imbalance, clarity or not.

2)     Let the fish come to your bait , which needs to be built on the basis of there are fishes. That is, you must find the fish before you can let the fish take the initiative to find your bait.

How to seduce fish is a matter of tactics and   how to use the baits. Different methods, different baits, different equipment combinations can achieve unexpected results.

For example BASS, worm is generally preferred when the water activity is not high and the oxygen content is not sufficient. The bass will feel the vibration of the worm itself and come to observe it. It’s the flexibility of the soft worm that entice the fish's aggressiveness against the lure. Generally take the Wacky jump tactics.

Do not trust on a single bait, the same condition, different time, different situation, with different baits, also can get good results.