Five kinds of baits necessary for novice angler

2022-11-03 13:26 Alison

How many kinds of lures do you have in your lure box as a angler? Do you buy all kinds of lures and feel that you have too many types of lures every time you go fishing? In fact, for a newbie, there are not too many types of lures, but these 5 kinds of lures are necessary. What are the 5 kinds of lures that necessary for a newcomer? Follow me to understand all at once.

A. Minnow

Minnow in the fishing is considered a relatively common bait, but also more use of a bait. Minnow in water like a small fish in the water out of the group or lost, through the operation, and can be expressed as a small fish frightened or fleeing. Common features are: floating, sinking, suspended.

B. The Popper

The Popper is a surface system of imitation fish-type lures, characterized by the mouth obviously open, short and no tongue plate these three characteristics, the main attack on the upper middle layer of the target fish.

C. Spoon

Spoon is recognized as one of the most widely used lures, and is also the first choice for newcomers because it is easy to operate, practical and cheap.

D. Pencil

The pencil is long and thin with a small pointed head , and like the Popper, it is a hard surface lure. It can be used in a wide range of water bait, sometimes it has sink models.


VIB is also very practical and highly recommended for novice anglers. The biggest feature of this lure is that there is no tongue, it is a deep sinker, and it can sink to the bottom as long as you leave it alone.