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Item No. RH1309
Length 7.5cm
Weight 22g
Type Floating
Hook Size #4
Depth 2-4m
Deep Diving Crankbait has long bill and dives to 2-4m depth, the large bill make it possible to walk on rocks or other obstacle when dive to bottom water. Deep Crank have thick bill and body, don’t worry about breaking your favorite baits when hitting on rocks, just cast it.

1. Long bill for deep diving, and easy to walk on rocks and other obstacle
2. Super thick bill and body, can bear high tension strike
3. With sound rattlers, attract fish bite well
4. Floating type, Diving to deep 2-4m water
5. 3D big lifelike holographic eyes
6. Super sharp treble hooks
7. Enhanced steel hook points

8. Forged split rings, more stronger