2021 Weihai Fishing Expo

2021-10-25 17:03 Nicholas

Under the Covid-19 epidemic situation, people have to do with socialize distancing and Covid-19 prevention measures, while the fishing gear industry rose retrogradely.

Meanwhile Recertop did not give up the researches and development . This time, we were formally obeying the epidemic restrictions and bravely took new products participated in the 2021 Weihai CGC Fishing Exhibition. In which we were widely recognized by the market and the consumers. Though the exhibition were without other countries' participants and guests, but nothing can stop us from contacting from each other doing fishing business. We do also receive a lot of orders from foreign fishing companies' agents and online live webcam chatting costumers.

Fishing is an activity that is fun and healthy for body and soul. We will continue to make efforts to bring more surprises and newly invented products to the fishing activity market   to cater all the anglers' needs.