Why add salt in soft baits?

2021-02-24 10:09 Nicholas

There is an advantage to adding salt to the soft lure. In spring, the fishes are just recovered from the state of not eating. At this time, after a prolonged cold and hunger winter, they need nutrition to supplement their physical strength. The role of salt plays out at this time. In spring, fishes are in urgent need of high protein food, but protein is not easy to be absorbed. Therefore, salt can help fishes absorb protein and provide energy for their bodies. Also, a lot of fish are infected with a lot of bacteria, so they have to intake the corresponding food ingredients to prevent diseases and to eliminate the bacteria on their bodies.

At this time, we could add a certain amount of salt to the soft bait before casting. In the water, salt on the bait is continuously dissolving. When the fish sensed the salt, they will quickly gather around the bait. No matter if using the wrong bait, it could still have a big catch!