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Through Wire Salt Popper

Item No. RH1660
Length 15cm
Weight 40g / 100g / 135g / 165g
Type Floating / Sinking / Sinking / Sinking
Hook Size #3/0
Depth Topwater / 6-10m

The Saltwater Popper Lure is available in four different weights. Floating topwater is 1.5oz and other three sinking models are 3.5oz, 4.8oz, 5.8oz. The heavier the weight, the faster it’ll sink in a current.

This lure is made with durable ABS plastic and through wire construction. It has a one piece weight which allows it to sink tail first without wobble, rear and belly are attached with size #3/0 treble hooks.

While this lure is technically a popper, you can use it like a jig to fish various depths of water. This is the number one used hard lure on the Cape Cod Canal for it’s casting and catching ability.